From left: ADL Board Chair Jeff Diamond, Dr. Nuritt Patt, Rep. Joseph Cervantes, Cheri Goldman, Betsy Ehrenberg.


State Representative Joseph Cervantes met with members of the ADL New Mexico Board of Directors in Santa Fe on his return from ADL’s Latino elected officials mission to Israel. He was one of ten legislators from the U.S. selected as part of this mission. Cervantes met with Israeli legislative counterparts and watched proceedings in the Knesset as well as participated in presentations from officials representing many aspects of Israeli society.

“The ADL deserves a great deal of credit for the balanced presentation of Israel’s complex issues. Whether the issues were Palestinian governance, border issues, immigration, or Israeli settlements, I always felt we were given a fair presentation from multiple differing perspectives”.

Cervantes, who lives in Las Cruces, told the ADL Board that many of the issues relating to borders and immigration were of great interest to him, as discussions in New Mexico center around erecting a border fence between the U.S. and Mexico.

“The proximity of Las Cruces to Juarez has a strong relevance when one looks at Israeli-Palestinian borders”.

In the past two years, the New Mexico ADL has sent Dr. Cheo Torres, Vice President of Student Affairs at UNM, Dan Herrera, Editorial Editor of the Albuquerque Journal, Jessica Martinez, UNM Student Leader, Ray Schultz, Albuquerque Police Chief and Rep. Cervantes on ADL missions to Israel.